Hello, I'm Tiff.

I live in the gorgeous, but expensive city of Honolulu. I have an almost two year old daughter named Ava and I love finding cool new stuff for her but I don't like paying full price.

As a new mom I spent hours browsing Amazon to find the top rated baby products. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated by all the choices and by how much everything cost! Then, I started asking other moms what their favorite baby products were and what they regretted buying. Their advice was priceless and helped me avoid getting a lot of stuff I didn't need or wasn't worth the price.

I've discovered that I have very expensive taste, which is not a surprise since I'm a designer by trade (Co-founder and Design Lead of Hobnob). So I balance this out by being an extremely frugal shopper. Now when I find something I like, I add it to my Wish List on Amazon and then I search a combination of Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and baby resale stores to find it. I buy almost everything second hand or on Amazon if I can't find it second hand.

I hope this blog helps you navigate through the vast world of amazing baby gear. I'd love to hear what products other moms can't live without, so reach out by email or social media! Guest posts welcome!