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I Can Do Everything and How Do I Feel Mini Board Books

I Can Do Everything and How Do I Feel Mini Board Books

My daughter absolutely loves these books. We read them so much she almost has all of them memorized! We have the I Can Do Everything book set and we read them constantly. Plus she can't read just one, so we have to read ALL ten every time! And really, I don't mind. The lessons she learns from these books help her in everyday life. They teach her when to say please and thank you, and that she can share her toys or take turns. They are short, have great art, and teach great lessons. They are a great size for children and she even loves to stack them like blocks.

I actually referenced one of the books recently, "I Can Say Sorry", when she accidentally broke one of her friend's toys. I reminded her by asking "What do you say when you break someone's toy?" and she replied "Sorry". Woo hoo! Huge deal for a 22 month old! I think we are going to have to get the How Do I Feel set, to help us navigate through the rollercoaster of a toddler's emotions.

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I Can Do Everything

  • I Can Share
  • I Can Say Please
  • I Can Say Thank You
  • I Can Say I'm Sorry
  • I Can Take Turns
  • I Can Be Quiet
  • I Can Listen
  • I Can Tidy Up
  • I Can Say Hello
  • I Can Say Goodbye

How Do I Feel

  • I Feel Shy
  • I Feel Sad
  • I Feel Happy
  • I Feel Angry
  • I Feel Scared
  • I Feel Proud
  • I Feel Sleepy
  • I Feel Hungry
  • I Feel Playful
  • I Feel Brave
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